Pic and Vid of the Day: Rachel Shelley in ‘Lagaan’


Rachel Shelley in Lagaan (2001).

Even though Bollywood cinema usually tends to be a bit too camp for my taste, I did enjoy watching the Oscar-nominated Lagaan – with the exception of one slightly anticlimactic cricket match, which seemed to go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r – and especially liked the song “Oh Rey Chori” for various reasons (both auditory and…um…visual ones…):

Aamir Kahn, Gracy Singh, and Rachel Shelley in “Oh Rey Chori” from Lagaan, vocals by Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, and Vasundhara Das.

Singing is not done by the actors themselves though, as it seems to be the case for most Bollywood movies, but you can hear Rachel sing in her veeeery serious “audition” for My Fair Lady here.

And for those who want the inside scoop: She writes about her experiences on the set of Lagaan in this Guardian piece.

This post was last updated on 07/06/10.


2 responses to “Pic and Vid of the Day: Rachel Shelley in ‘Lagaan’

  1. I felt so bad for her with all the bad press India and Khan gave her over this – it sounded like she had a pretty horrendous time with the film crew and Khan just made her out to be some silly spoilt actress when in fact she had some very legitimate reasons for complaint. As for considering suing her for revealing the storyline – it’s hardly as if Bollywood has any surprises for its viewers.

    • Agreed. I’m glad tempers did apparently calm eventually, from what I’ve read.

      (My cynical side urges me to add that some *dramatic drama* of sorts might possibly also be part of a movie’s publicity machine, but that thought *might* just be a tad too far on the cynical end of the spectrum in this case…)

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