Vids of the Day: Rachel Shelley at an Uh Huh Her Concert

Rachel Shelley, Ilene Chaiken, Camila Grey, Leisha Hailey, Mia Kirshner, Kate Moennig and Rose Rollins talk to SpinDaily at Uh Huh Her‘s second show ever in November 2007 about the very important “Would you like to be the teacher or the student?” question, why you have to be able to write songs truly fast sometimes, crushing out on sexy* Leisha, and great a…bs.

Speaking of Uh Huh Her, starting at 1:50 minutes I just can’t stop laughing and feeling incredibly empathetically sorry for them at the same time:

“A Day in the Life of Uh Huh Her” via NettwerkMusic


* Doesn’t “sexy” sound even “sexier” with an English accent?! (Um, let’s review that bit about cognitive biases again… ; ))

This post was last updated on 09/21/12.


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