Pics of the Day: The Dylena Reunion




Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison in season 6 of Showtime’s The L Word.

Oh, what a happy camper I was when Dylan showed up again in season 6 of The L Word – and I am still wondering how different the Dylena romance might have progresses if that one storyline arc everybody *cough* “enjoyed” so much *cough* hadn’t been the main focus of that season of The L Word

Even though I think it’s safe to say that they really do love each other, and even though I believe that people can to a certain extent evolve/discover new sides of themselves over time, I still believe that I’m-soooo-sorry-but-let’s-start-over-Dylan’s past still is a liability for a possible relationship and therefore needed to be addressed some more.

And the biggest question, of course, remains: Could this relationship have ever really worked out at all after what Dylan put Helena through in season 3?

Rachel Shelley in season 3 of Showtime’s The L Word

But then you never know with Ilene C., do you?! We might be in for some more Dylena after all in the elusive The L Word movie

This post was last updated on 09/27/13.


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