Pics and Vids of the Day: Possibilities…

Pictures created by Nelle23

< Those were the glorious days of The L Word for Helena Peabody – full of possibilities to manage to sustain a both lasting and working relationship.

Among these

Come on, they were kinda cute together (and needless to say very important for the growth of their respective characters, even though both not quite ready for the relationship…), weren’t they? *hides*

seemed kinda promising – and even  

was considered by some. *hides yet again* ; )

But all of the above just wasn’t meant to be

Most of all,

IMHO that Helena and Dylan ended up the way they did, serving as yet more “Who killed Jenny?” fodder in season 6,


So in spite of the ever so important drama-for-dramatic-effect, I guess I’ll just pretend that Dylena lived happily ever after 3×08… *sigh*

This post was last updated on 07/22/10.


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