Which character couple(s) do you want to see in a possible ‘The L Word’ movie?

I did a little content analysis on your answers to the question “Which character couple(s) do you want to see in a possible The L Word movie?”.

Visualization of the results using a word cloud from Wordle.

77 people (one vote per IP address permitted) participated in this survey I promoted through my Twitter account, which is aimed specifically* at fellow fans of Rachel Shelley; 124 answers to the question were included.

And here are the results:

1. Tibette (Bette and Tina): 50 mentions

2. Dylena (Helena and Dylan): 19 mentions

3. Sharmen (Shane and Carmen): 13 mentions

Wow, do you wanna see Tibette, or what?


Table 1. Couples mentioned (raw scores) in the answers to the question “Which character couple(s) do you want to see in a possible ‘The L Word’ movie?”.

Table 2. Couples mentioned (percentages) in the answers to the question “Which character couple(s) do you want to see in a possible ‘The L Word’ movie?”.

A few details about the method I used:

The answers you provided in this survey were in written format rather than multiple-choice to really give every possible character couple you might like to see in the movie an even chance; I therefore included every “concept” you have used for a couple as one answer in one of the “couple categories” mentioned in Table 1 and Table 2 (e.g. “Dylena”+”Helena and Dylan”+”DYLEEEENA”=”Dylena (Dylan+Helena) couple category” etc.).

Lots of you stated several couples in your answer. I included each of those, but if you mentioned one particular couple several times in one answer, then it was only counted once (e.g. the answer “tibettttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee tina kennard and bette porter” was only counted as one answer for the category “Tibette”).
If a specific couple was only found once in all the answers, it was put into the “others (only mentioned once)” category to keep the output data manageable.
Some of you also wrote down individual characters you would like to see in the movie which I have not included here to stick to the original question as closely as possible.

Comments about the results:

Apart from being happy about “Dylena” making it to second place :), the results I find most interesting are how much “Sharmen” is still in your hearts and minds (Duh, right?! ; ) and that some of you would like a reunion of “Danish” in the movie, even though I am not quite sure how that can be done other than including flashbacks or some sort of Alice-visited-by-the-ghost-of-Dana storyline reminiscent of S04E12.

Other interesting observations:

– couple you mentioned most often that had not appeared in the show: “Belena” (4 times)
– the loyalty of the “Tibette” fans (many people included only this couple in their answer or added “forever”, “of course” etc.)
– several people wanted Jenny, who was mentioned alone as well as +Marina (2 times) and +Nikki (1 time), back in the movie (see “Danish” above re. plot ideas or submit yours in the comments : ), yet not one person mentioned Shenny (Shane+Jenny) as a couple they wanted to see (?!).

I think it would be kinda interesting to do this survey with a more random sample of participants to see if the findings are generalizable and/or repeat it in a different context – with “Shenny” fans in a forum for example ; ) – if that hasn’t been done already…

Thanks to everyone who participated and please comment if you have any questions or suggestions/wishes regarding further analysis.


* Some people have wondered why I didn’t stress the fact that “Tibette” (portrayed by Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman, obviously :)) dominated the answers to a survey conducted among fans of Rachel Shelley more. That’s an absolutely valid question and I guess my knowledge about the general tendency of Twitter users following me to also follow other accounts related to “The L Word” (like @katemoennig, @nalamommy, @Tibette_com etc.) rather than only my @RachelShelleyRX account and therefore be more likely to favor several The L Word celebrities rather than only Rachel Shelley might have played a role in that. But as I said, this is only a tendency which might have nothing to do with the outcome of this survey, and I should have addressed this more prominently.

@rovermom asked, “Why would any couple (ppl) be left out of an L movie? The point of the L is about these women together,” and @kjtgp1 agreed with her. I do as well and answered them that my main interest in this survey was to learn which couple(s) most people (given the setting this sample was taken in discussed above) would want to be included in a movie; nonetheless, I do think they have got a point here that might often be overlooked …

@rovermom also brought up a way to include Jenny (and also Dana) in a “The L Word” movie that I did not mention: that either Jenny wrote the entire show and the movie now takes place in “real life/time”, or that Jenny wrote the script for the movie before she died and included herself in it. Oh, the possibilities

This post was last updated on 07/27/10.

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