Amazing Arms (and such) Appreciation

I continue to be amazed what tennis and yoga can do for one’s arms…




…and rest of the body…



Rachel Shelley in pictures from The L Word, The Bone Snatcher and Diva Magazine.

…if one has the genes (as well as the other contributing factors) of one Rachel Shelley.

And – last but not in the least least – I am very grateful to whatever gave her a really beautiful mind that lets her produce such goodness as the articles for The Guardian here, here and here or her excellent monthly column in DIVA Magazine.

So yay to the Flying Spaghetti Monster evolution for creating such beauty!


I was humbly reminded by Knight of the Order of Our Beloved Lady @kapellmeister29 of one very important quality I blatantly failed to incorporate more prominently into my ode (?!) above – knight Pats’ poem originally posted on the The L Word MediaBlvd forum describes it ever so eloquently:

Ode to the Hands of Helena (aka EggyFingers)

Oh Helena, the image lingers,
Of sexy, long, artistic fingers
You crack an egg so skilled and well
The bowl has not a trace of shell

Oh Helena, my Peabody
Such digital dexterity
Appendages of great renown
Heft boobage over Tina’s gown

Perfection lives about your wrists
Art finer than surrealists
You love Tee’s belly, round and hard
Mine’s big but it is made of lard

Deluded tart, I live in hope
Of one day a ten fingered grope

Be still, my beating heart… ; ) 

This post was last updated on 11/05/10.


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