A Conversation with Helena Peabody

Rachel Shelley as Helena Peabody in season 2 of Showtime’s The L Word; video by Chameleon

Before I
head off to spend the weekend convincing my girlfriend that she is much more important than Twitter, blogs and the rest of aaallll the Internets combined,* I must share with you the above video gem by Chameleon, a respected Knight of the Order of Our Beloved Lady on MediaBlvd, which was introduced to us new squires by knight pats a wee couple of years ago.

Thanks to all knights and squires for their positively cuckoo eloquently creative ramblings posts over at the Blvd. and I am convinced that this video – charged with biological miracles and stunning revelations as it is – will set a new standard for my goal to be both kinda entertaining and slightly educational… : )

*Yup, tough times are afoot, I tell ya! ; )

This post was last updated on 08/20/10.


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