GIFs from Movies feat. Rachel Shelley: ‘Gray Matters’

Because I’ve been so intrigued by certain amalgams of art and science known as Animated-GIFs-that-actually-​​§*%#?!”-work-on-that-other-blogging-site‘-AND-look-OK Animated-GIFs-that-meet-specificsize-requirements-but-don’tresemble-choppy/blurry/grainy-postal-stamps lately, I thought I’d put my humble attempts at these into some form of non-random order and start a little series of posts called “GIFs from Movies feat. Rachel Shelley”.

I hope you enjoy the first installment: Rachel Shelley in Gray Matters (2006)

Rachel Shelley and Bill Mondy in Gray Matters.










Rachel Shelley and Heather Graham in Gray Matters.

























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2 responses to “GIFs from Movies feat. Rachel Shelley: ‘Gray Matters’

  1. @Steffan Longdon: I upload .gifs I have stored on my computer using the “Upload images […]” button under the “media”-tab in the post editor. Hope this helps.

  2. @Steffan Longdon: No problem + hmm *scratches head*… One more thing that may (or may not ; ) help: if you’re dealing with a gif that won’t animate on here but does on your machine, have you tried adding it ‘the old school way’ aka uploading it to an image hosting service like Imageshack or sth. and – if it works there – adding its direct link to the post via the editor?I haven’t had problems with animated gifs over here (yet), but this little remedy always helped when stuff like that happened to me at other sites, even though the dreaded bandwidth limit issues and suchlike can be a pain of course depending on your chosen hosting service…

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