Rachel Shelley in ‘Episodes’

In Episodes‘ fourth episode, Rachel Shelley plays Matt LeBlanc’s (Matt LeBlanc) few-nights stand Kendra, a California Valley Girl ?! whom he’s invited to “stay over” in the middle of the night without notifying his temporary hosts Sean and Betsy Beverly Lincoln (Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig), the British writers of his show Friends Episodes Lyman’s Boys Pucks:

Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_hey

Kendra likes coffee…

Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_eww

…and Jamba Juice’s Antioxidant Smoothies with a Whey Protein Super Boost…

Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_jambajuice_pleasestop



Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_jambajuice_15times



Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_anyway



Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_whatwasitalkingabout

…and OMG, you guys, seriously, has anyone, like, seen her dog or whatever?!

Rachel Shelley in Episodes_1x04_dog

omgiliketotallyloveditseriouslyyouguys Episodes is really starting to grow on me* with its well-placed recurring jokes and meta references, looking forward to the three remaining epis of season one.

Update: Here are a few Episodes bloopers including a very cute an unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction” happening to Rachel Shelley:

* And no, I’m definitely not just saying that because my judgment might be ever so slightly impaired influenced by a certain someone’s appearance on the show… *ahem ahem*

This post was last updated on 08/28/13.


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