Rachel Shelley at L-BEACH #2

Lizzy The Lezzy‘s take on L-BEACH #2 including lots of ‘Helena Peabody’ Rachel Shelley (and ‘Hot Cop’ Heather Peace).

Update 11/26/11: Dear fellow Dylena admirers, Alexandra Hedison will be one of the presenters at L-BEACH #3, April 20-22, 2012, in Weissenhaeuser Strand, Germany. [Update: Scroll to the bottom of this post for pictures from the event.]

Many a happy dance to report from here when Rachel Shelley was announced as the main stage co-presenter for the second L-BEACH festival (April 8-10, 2011, Weissenhaeuser Strand, Germany). Fortunately, the girlfriend – who totally deserves this “honorable mention” for taking most of the pics shown here – and I had decided to get two of the more than 4000 tickets early on as festival packages that included accommodation were practically sold out even before acts like Hunter Valentine, Heather Peace, Peaches, Betty, Kosheen or the above mentioned main stage co-presenter were added to the event schedule.

These and several other acts rocked the stages at night, and a variety of activities ranging from book readings and movies over pool parties to archery kept everyone entertained during the day. (Check out the L-BEACH #2 booklet over here for more detailed information about the event.)

And because I don’t really have time to write a full report at this point…um…a picture is worth more than a thousand words…um…sometimes, here is the Rachel Shelley related part of the weekend in images:


Rachel Shelley presenting…




…and practicing the L-BEACH Move:





Rachel Shelley at the L-BEACH #2 press conference (pictures by tetu.com & @huntervalentine)…




…presenting plus rockin’ with the Betty girls…







…and focusing as well as looking very pretty at the autograph session:





Yay, bonus! Some of the other lovely ladies who performed at the festival:






A few (Rachel Shelley related) observations and anecdotes:

When I asked Rachel during the autograph session if there’s anything she can reveal about her latest pilot season endeavors, she replied “Well, yeah, I just got back,” and smiled. Cryptic stuff…

The editor-in-chief of the German L.MAG said during the “L-BEACH inside” talk on Sunday that Rachel has shown interest in writing for the magazine. An approximation of my train of thought: OMGthatwouldbeawesomeiloveherwritingbutlet’snotgettooexcitedbeforethereisanythingdefinitiveok?!

One of the organisers told a little anecdote at the “L-BEACH inside” talk: Rachel had promised the Betty girls to be on stage during their performance of the The L Word theme song. While they were starting off their set, she was winding down comfortably clothed in her dressing room, located several minutes plus a short walk outside away from the stage, when she suddenly heard the first beats of the song in the distance, threw on her dress and ran head over heels and not yet fully attired to the stage where she – to a frantically cheering crowd – raced on stage to perform the last few verses with Betty.

In conclusion: Apart from slightly too much Electro on the dancefloors for my liking and [surprise!] some ranting on my part over too little time spent on stage by one Rachel Shelley[/surprise!], I had a pretty amazing weekend and will definitely be back next year!

Update 04/12/13: Here are a few pictures of Alexandra Hedison at L-BEACH #3 (moved from my Posterous blog because the service is shutting down):

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_1

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_1

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_3

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_4

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_5

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_6

Alexandra Hedison at L-Beach #3_7

This post was last updated on 04/12/13.

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