Rachel Shelley in ‘Strike Back’ Episode 5

I’m delighted to report that episodes 5 and 6 of Cinemax/Sky’s Strike Back (Project Dawn) finally bring us Rachel Shelley, who gets to once again use her American accent as war photographer Maggie. Episode 5 has aired recently, so here’s a summary [abridged and declaratively enhanced by a certain someone who may or may not be thaaat much into action series] from the Sky1 website to get us going (Oh, and spoileralert from this point on,


Rachel Shelley in The L Word):

[Good guy] Scott [runs into] ex-lover and journalist Maggie, who has noticed [weapons dealer and keeper of information about main bad guy Latif] Crawford’s mercenaries [roaming around]. They intercept two of the men and after a car chase, find rifles, handguns and grenades in their car. [Afterwards,] mayhem ensues [as] Scott is shot trying to rescue [Crawford’s daughter] Clare from [minor bad guy] Tahir, who escapes with her in his jeep. Crawford and [other good guy] Stonebridge chase after Tahir and Clare, while Maggie and [good guy no.3] Sinclair rush Scott to the hospital.

Alright, let’s proceed to the most important part of this little recap aka screenshots of Rachel Shelley!*

* The accompanying quotes may be ever so slightly paraphrased to more accurately reflect what I have taken away from the episode 



“Oh, hi there, ex-lover, are you chasing people, as usual?”




“Look, I’ve got pics of some of those gazillion bad guys you keep chasing.”




“Wait, I’ll go chase them with you!”










“Yay, found these baddies too, I’ll take some pics again in case we need to identify more people later that we must chase tomorrow or something.”




“Oh noes, you got hurt during the chase and one of the bad guys we chased has gotten away, but don’t you worry, your equally heroic buddies will chase after him now.”



(in the episode 6 recap here feat. your very own “Sapphic Storyline Animated GIF Kit”)

All friendly mocking aside, I do think that Strike Back (Project Dawn) is a suspenseful and entertaining show with a very high production value and might be just what you are looking for if action is your thing. And believe me, fans of the genre, I highly doubt that the characters of my favorite shows would fare any better if any of you subjected their motives to a similar treatment…

This post was last updated on 09/27/11.


3 responses to “Rachel Shelley in ‘Strike Back’ Episode 5

  1. Wow, first post in quite a while! :)I’ve seen the episode only for Rachel. The amount of red paint [read: blood] used in the series is way too much according to my taste. I liked her American accent although every now and then it didn’t seem to sound very real. Kinda like JB’s accent in the Chicago Code, it sounded a bit forced. Maybe it’s me, I dunno. Would like to see how her role unfolds in the next episode(s).Cheers & welcome back!

  2. @anca1268 / ancaz: Thank you for the warm welcome back! *waves*Totally with you regarding the “red paint overload”, the increasingly intense violence (in all of it’s forms) in this genre is one of the reasons that it’s just not my cup of tea.And I must say that I did like her American “valley girl” accent in ‘Episodes’ better than the one she did here, but anything deviating too far from her gorgeous English accent in ‘The L Word’/real life will have a veeery hard time winning me over…

  3. @ancaz P.S. Though there is hardly anything Jennifer Beals and Rachel Shelley can do wrong if you ask me. *cough*notbiasedatallwhatsoever*cough* ; )

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