Best of Rachel Shelley in ‘Casualty’ 26×18

[Includes large animated GIFs for all of our viewing pleasure = May take some time to load.]

Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_scotlandyardteaspoon

DCI Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) and clinical lead Nick Jordan (Michael French) in Casualty.

Rachel Shelley returned to the TV screen on Jan. 14 as police chief DCI Rippon in episode 26×18 of the long-running BBC One medical drama Casualty. Her lovely British accent was back as well, after she had played (US) Americans in Episodes and Strike Back, although it didn’t sound quite as sexy posh as it did in those Helena Peabody days (but was well suited for the character she portrayed in this episode, methinks).

I have to admit that I have only seen two episodes of Casualty so far – 26×17 to get an idea of what the series is about, 26×18 for reasons that *ahem* have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a certain someone making an appearance or anything of course *ahem* – but I did find what I’ve seen from the series to be really fun in an over-the-top-soapy-medical-drama-kind-of-way. Here’s what I remember:

26×17 “Duty of Care”, the mid-season premiere, introduced the emergency room crew that the series revolves around to updated working quarters after a devastating fire had raged at the hospital in a previous episode and featured plenty of elements that the author of this article finds absolutely essential to have the kind of fun described above: Car Crashes! Explosions! Gas Leaks! Drama! Even More Explosions! Wow…

26×18 “Death and Doughnuts”: Um, well, there were a lot of dramatic and some comedic moments, but, um, my brain was somehow kinda preoccupied with, um, “visually processing” a certain someone featured in this episode, so here are some important plot points (in regards to the DCI Rippon storyline) courtesy of the BBC Media Centre:

[New doctor Tom Kent] finds he has a mystery on his hands when a family who were involved in [one of last week’s explosions] end up back in the ED with unexplained injuries. But when the young son of the family is kidnapped, all becomes clear [with the help of attractive young police chief DCI Yvonne Rippon, who also manages to uncharacteristically ruffle CT surgeon Nick Jordan’s cool during the investigation]. Could there be romance in the air for Holby’s head honcho?

Because Rachel Shelley’s part as DCI Rippon left her quite a bit of room to show off her comedic and/or “acting all alpha female” skills, I decided to do a little “Best of DCI Rippon” in animated GIF format featuring my favorite moments from the episode:

Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_swooningnurses






Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_brownsugar






Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_scotlandyardteaspoon






Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_goodidea

Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley), Nick Jordan (Michael French) and Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman) in Casualty.





Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_oneday






Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x18_seeya

One last observation: I must admit on a slightly (yet not completely) superficial “look at the pretty” note that I do find Rachel to be a bit thin these days and prefer her slightly less “size zero actress-y” look as Helena Peabody in season 2 and 3 of The L Word, for example. However, I do realize that this observation could be viewed as one heck of a first world problem considering her, um, ever so slightly above average exterior regardless of clothing size or whatever… ;)

Rachel Shelley in The L Word 3x04

Rachel Shelley in season 3 of The L Word.


P.S. For more above-average-exterior-ness etc. see “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×25 -26×27″ here, “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×29″ here and “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×40 – 26×42″ here.

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