Best of Rachel Shelley in ‘Casualty’ 26×25 – 26×27

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Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x27_no

Superintendent Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) in Casualty.

Um, remember that over-the-top-soapy-medical-drama-kind-of-fun I mentioned in my last “Best of”? Well, I sure wasn’t having much of that through most of the Casualty three-part special “Ricochet” (26×25 – 26×27), which brought back Rachel Shelley as newly minted Superintendent Yvonne Rippon. Here’s why:

Superintendent Rippon is heading an investigation into a shooting of a five-year-old kid, who turns out to have been accidentally wounded during a gang initiation ritual. To cover this up, the long-standing gang members resort to a series of intimidation practices to scare the newly initiated shooter into silence, ranging from “roughing him up a bit” to gang raping his girlfriend, which leads to several stays in and visits to the Holby City Emergency Department (where the series is set) by people directly or indirectly involved in the shooting. The emergency room staff has to decide how much of what they learn about the events to reveal to Rippon without disrespecting doctor-patient confidentiality, while she has to walk the fine line of questioning the right people at the right time without putting anyone in even more danger.

This three-parter obviously was pretty tough to watch (and fell a little short in the “innovative premise” department), but I really did enjoy that the writers treated such complex issues as group influence on individual behavior or doctor-patient confidentiality vs. the needs of law enforcement in a refreshingly nuanced fashion as …
WAIT, before the urge to embark on one of my beloved ranty tangents about the-evolutionary-shortcomings-of-the-human-race-which-might-contribute-to-the-often-one-dimensional-way-we-view-the-world-and-to-so-many-of-the-other-behavioral-cultural-and-institutional-issues-covered-in-this-three-parter-etc.-etc takes over and this little “Best of” turns into one massive tl;dr fest.

And yes, I totally need to lighten up.

So let’s rather move on to the fact that I also mucho mas enjoyed watching our heroine turn all deliciously alpha female yet again during many a power struggle with the clinical lead of the ED, Nick Jordan. And while my, um, (shipping) interests may or may not usually contain less testosterone *cough*

The L Word_Dylena_3x08_walkofshame
Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley) and Dylan Moreland (Alexandra Hedison) in The L Word.

*cough*, I do find their exchanges pretty entertaining to watch.

Here are a few examples in animated GIF format:

Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x25_nicetoseeyouClinical lead Nick Jordan (Michael French) and Superintendent Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) in Casualty.





Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x25_ihear






Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x26_parktheegos






Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x27_available






Let me conclude this post with some wise words courtesy of Superintendent Rippon:

Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x27_illusion


P.S. Oops, did-mean-to-lighten-up-and-therefore-must-not-end-post-on-moody-note, so here are a few more cute/funny/lovely Dylena GIFs for all of our viewing pleasure (because I’m absolutely sure that adding even more huge GIFs will make this page load even faster on slow internet connections, hehe):

The L Word_Dylena_3x08_makingsometea
Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley), Dylan Moreland (Alexandra Hedison), Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) and Shane McCutcheon (Kate Moennig) in The L Word.





The L Word_Dylena_3x08_insane


P.P.S. For more alphaness etc. see “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×18″ here, “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×29″ here and “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×40 – 26×42″ here.

This post was last updated on 07/31/12.

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