Best of Rachel Shelley in ‘Casualty’ 26×40 – 26×42

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Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x40_seeyoulaterYvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) and Nick Jordan (Michael French) in Casualty.

Oh, the drama Superintendent Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) had to endure to make for an, um, dramatically dramatic finale of Casualty‘s season 26!

After episode 26×34 “Happily Ever After” had brought us a number of lovely Nick/Yvonne moments – some particularly cute…

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x34_awordYvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley), Nick Jordan (Michael French) and [Nick’s former girlfriend] Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker) in Casualty.

…others slightly more contemplative…

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x34_thankyouforthinking

…and 26×37 “All in a Day’s Nightmare” had our resident Superintendent looking exceptionally riveting in a police combat uniform doing some serious police work…

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x37_combatuniform

…she was in for some major end-of-season-turmoil in episodes 26×40 – 26×42:

A recently released prisoner gets tasered by a police officer after a fight with his wife and dies in the hospital shortly after. His vigil turns into a riot with quite devastating consequences for Superintendent Rippon.

Here’s a more detailed account of the drama happening in these episodes focusing on – surprise! – Rachel Shelley aka Superintendent Yvonne Rippon:

26×40 “Do The Right Thing”

The One Where Superintendent Rippon is Trying to Avoid a Perfect Storm

Things are going well when Yvonne is dropping Nick off at work…

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x40_go

…but dramatically dramatic events unfold (of course!), and our Superintendent is forced to make yet another visit to the hospital in one of her very alpha power suits

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x40_powersuit

…where one heck of a perfect storm awaits her:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x40_publicperception

26×41 “#HolbyRiot – Part 1”

The One Where the Superintendent Makes a Stupid Brave Decision

Nick and Yvonne have to testify about the events in front of a committee…

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x41_thankyou

…leading to a fight between our two lovebirds over the handling of things:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x41_support

Back at the police station, Yvonne learns that the vigil for the deceased former prisoner has gotten out of control, so our friendly Superintendent decides to head out in the cutest hoodie to meet with his wife Faith to de-escalate the riot…

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x41_outofcontrolYvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) and Faith Portman (Natalie Gavin) in Casualty.

…but only finds Faith’s son there, who flees into a battered up shop where a scared shopkeeper is keeping watch – with devastating consequences for Yvonne:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x41_stabbed

26×42 “#HolbyRiot – Part 2”

The One Where Nick has Something to Tell Yvonne While she is Forced to Spend Most of her Screen Time in a Cast (as it is Customary in a Medical Drama)

When the shopkeeper finds out that Yvonne has survived the attack, he calls an ambulance (blaming Faith’s son for stabbing her). The paramedics need assistance from the hospital and reach Nick, who rushes to Yvonne’s side:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x42_stayoutoftrouble

Yvonne is seriously injured and must quickly be taken to hospital, but they are held up by the rioters – and Yvonne’s condition is worsening:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x42_iloveyou

^ This scene is so heartbreakingly cute, you guys! Nick has to perform emergency surgery inside the ambulance and, when they arrive at the hospital, needs to be sent out of the emergency room by [his former girlfriend] Zoe, who is now in charge of Yvonne:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x42_waitoutside

In spite of all the efforts to keep him away by Zoe and the rest of the team, Nick watches over everything that’s done to save Yvonne and decides to accompany her to a more specialized hospital to oversee her rehabilitation – as long as it may take – but isn’t leaving without saying an emotional goodbye to Zoe:

Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26x42_goodbye

Looks like we won’t be seeing these two again for some time… (Michael French will not be returning to Casualty “for a few months”, according to Casualty producer Nikki Wilson; any updates regarding Rachel Shelley’s return will be on the home page and/or my Rachel Shelley related Twitter account.)

I have to say that I really enjoyed watching these episodes – so much drama!

Yes, the behavior of some of the characters during the riots seemed a bit forced at times aka only serving the dramatic drama of the storyline *cough* nurse Scarlett’s rioting ways (even though actress Madeline Mantock’s departure from the series might have something to do with this as well) *cough*. And yeah, it would have been nice to have had a little more Nick/Yvonne/Zoe tension in the previous episodes to make Nick’s “I love you” to Yvonne and goodbye hug with Zoe at the end even more poignant. And OK, there might be some, um, “room for improvement” in the performances of some of the younger actors

– but –

I really liked the pace and structure, the way they mirrored the “the [‘good guy’] police officer is blamed, but the [‘bad guy’] wife did it” and the “the [‘bad guy’] rioter is blamed, but the [‘good guy’] shopkeeper did it” episode arcs in 26×41 and 26×42, and how they treated both the rioters’ and the police’s motives with equal respect. I also found a lot of the later scenes truly touching, e.g, when the shopkeeper sang to the gravely injured Yvonne, or when scared little Nico finally got to eat a piece of his treasured chocolate, or when Nick told Yvonne that he loved her, or…

*needs a moment*

Right, I’m back. I have commented on this before, but I’d also like to add that I, as an admirable arms and such admirer, had to cringe when Yvonne was repeatedly referred to as “skinny bitch“.

While calling her “skinny” certainly wasn’t meant as a compliment here *ahem*, I do see this trend towards extremely thin actresses and other public figures everywhere these days and find it sad as well as scary and, frankly, pretty dangerous. So please, for all of our viewing pleasure sakes, bring back admirable arms and such! A few examples:

Rachel Shelley in The L Word and The Bone SnatcherRachel Shelley in The L Word and The Bone Snatcher.

Thank you.

P.S. For more drama etc. see “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×18″ here, “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×25 – 26×27″ here and “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×29″ here.

This post was last updated on 09/04/12.


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