Pics of the Day: Starfury L10 Convention

Pam Grier, Janina Gavankar, Clementine Ford, Tracy Ryerson, Stamie Karakasidis and Roxanne McKee at the Starfury: L10 convention.**

Now, I may or may not have been a little disappointed when both Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison had to cancel their appearances at the Starfury: L10 convention, which took place August 17-19, 2012, in Birmingham, UK, and was the last Starfury event to include guests from The L Word. Nevertheless, L10 turned out to be one of the best L-Events I have been to thanks to the open and often hilariously funny guests Pam Grier, Janina Gavankar and Clementine Ford (The L Word), Tracy Ryerson and Stamie Karakasidis (The Real L Word), as well as Roxanne McKee (Lip Service), the argh-this-might-be-the-last-event-we’re-all-here-together-so-let’s-be-eeeeextra-nice-to-each-other attitude of both the attendees and the staff, excellent company – and some very yummy cider.

Good times.

Though the L-Events featuring The L Word guests have now ended, I’m sure there are more good times to be had at Starfury: LIP’D, a Lip Service, Sugar Rush and The Real L Word themed convention taking place March 22-24 29-31, 2013, in London with guests to be announced. (*cough* I, um, wouldn’t mind if Sexy Lexy Anna Skellern turned out to be among these… *cough*)

Update 03/09/13: Unfortunately, the Easter gods were not on our side and the Starfury: LIP’D convention has been cancelled.

And if you – like me – are thinking that there-can-never-be-enough-Rachel-Shelley-references-in-any-post-anywhere-especially-not-on-this-site-because-it-is-Rachel-Shelley-related-after-all-so-what-is-this-post-doing-here-anyway-Rachel-didn’t-even-attend-this-convention-but-OMG-isn’t-she-pretty-and-all-?!?, check out the “Appearances” category on here for pretty pretty pictures, videos, interviews and other things from events she has attended over the past few years.

Update 8/24/12: Head over to Digital Journal for a slightly more comprehensive Starfury: L10 report…

Update 8/27/12: …and check out silent-bird’s “Starfury L10” Flickr photo set for yet more images from the event.

** The pictures were taken by my amazing girlfriend, who deserves all the credit not only for these but also for providing me with lots of coffee and other good things when I may or may not have been ever so slightly hungover from ever so slightly too much of the aforementioned cider and suchlike…

This post was last updated on 03/10/13.


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