GIFs from Movies feat. Rachel Shelley: ‘The Bone Snatcher’

Here’s the second installment* of my little blogging series “GIFs from Movies feat. Rachel Shelley”, a collection of yet more humble attempts at Animated-GIFs-that-meet-specific-size-requirements-but-don’t-resemble-choppy/blurry/grainy-postal-stamps, something I’m having way too much lots of fun playing around with these days. […]

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GIFs from Movies feat. Rachel Shelley: ‘Gray Matters’

Because I’ve been so intrigued by certain amalgams of art and science known as Animated-GIFs-that-actually-​​§*%#?!”-work-on-that-other-blogging-site-AND-look-ok Animated-GIFs-that-meet-specific-size-requirements-don’t-resemble-choppy/blurry/grainy-postal-stamps lately, I thought I’d put my humble attempts at these into some form of non-random order […]

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