Rachel Shelley in ‘Strike Back’ Episode 6 – A sapphic Storyline GIF Kit

Rachel Shelley as journalist Maggie might have been featured more prominently in the 5th episode of Strike Back (Project Dawn) than she was in this 6th one, her last episode of the series, but my subtext detectors are happy to report that she did interact more with “the fairer sex” than before. […]

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Rachel Shelley in ‘Strike Back’ Episode 5

I’m delighted to report that episodes 5 and 6 of Cinemax/Sky’s Strike Back (Project Dawn) finally bring us Rachel Shelley, who gets to once again use her American accent as war photographer Maggie. Episode 5 has aired recently, so here’s a summary [abridged and declaratively enhanced by a certain someone who may or may not be thaaat much into action series] […]

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