Rachel Shelley related News and Updates

July 2012:

Update regarding Starfury: L10: Unfortunately, Rachel Shelley didn’t make it to the Starfury: L10 convention after all, but click here for pictures and other impressions from the event featuring Pam Grier, Janina Gavankar and Clementine Ford (The L Word), Tracy Ryerson and Stamie Karakasidis (The Real L Word), as well as Roxanne McKee (Lip Service).

Update: New announcement regarding the Starfury: L10 convention by Starfury’s Sean Harry on the L10 Facebook group:

[Alexandra Hedison will definitely not be at L10], but I had a long phone chat with Rachel tonight, and she’s desperately trying to make this work as she very much wants to be a part of the final L-Word event. It’s still 50/50 on whether she can make it or not, but we are both working hard. Hopefully we’ll know more by the end of next week.

The good news however is that Clementine Ford, Tracey Ryerson and Stamie Karakasidis will now be joining us at L10.

Update: Starfury’s Sean Harry has announced on the official Starfury: L10 Facebook group that both Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison had to cancel their appearances at the L10 convention.

The good news is that Rachel has stated filming commitments in Canada as her reason for canceling, so watch this space for updates regarding this new project of hers.

Rachel Shelley and Michael French in Casualty 26x40Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) and Nick Jordan (Michael French) in Casualty 26×40.

RadioTimes reports that Casualty 26×40 “Do the Right Thing” featuring Rachel Shelley as Superintendent Yvonne Rippon will air on July 14.

More good news (and a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for the following link): According to the BBC Media Centre, she will also appear in Casualty 26×41 “#HolbyRiot – Part One”, scheduled to air July 21, as well as in Casualty 26×42 “#HolbyRiot – Part Two”, the season finale, airing July 22.

[Update 7/27/12: Some pretty alpha female-y, pretty cute and/or simply pretty pretty Rachel Shelley related animated GIFs etc. can be found in the “Best of” for these episodes, the “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×29”, in “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×25 – 26×27″ as well as in “Best of Rachel Shelley in Casualty 26×18″. ]

June 2012:

The BBC Media Centre states that Rachel Shelley will next appear as Supt Yvonne Rippon in Casualty 26×40 “Do the Right Thing” on July 7.

Also, only 2 months left till Starfury: L10 (August 17 -19) featuring Dylenaaaa!!!!…um…I mean… Rachel Shelley, Alexandra Hedison, Pam Grier and Janina Gavankar. In the meantime, please enjoy this ‘Classic’:

“Helena Peabody” Rachel Shelley & MC “Dylan Moreland” Alexandra Hedison at Dinah Shore 2008.

May 2012:

Rachel Shelly appears on RadioTimes’ cast list for Casualty 26×37 “All in a Day’s Nightmare”, the first episode of a two-part special, scheduled to air on June 2 at 9:30pm.

April 2012:

According to the BBC Media Centre, Rachel Shelley’s next appearance as Superintendent Yvonne Rippon will be in Casualty 26×34 “Happily Ever After” on May 5 at 9:30pm.

March 2012:

Superintendent Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley) in Casualty 26×29.

RadioTimes reports that Rachel Shelley will next appear in Casualty 26×29 “Saturday Night Fever”, scheduled to air March 31 at 9:10pm.

February 2012:

More good news via the BBC Media Centre: Rachel Shelley returns to BBC One’s Casualty as newly minted Superintendent Yvonne Rippon in a three-part special.

According to the details posted there and on the official Casualty episode guide, she will appear in all three episodes. The first one (26×25, “Ricochet: How to Save a Life”) is scheduled to air on March 3 at 9:10pm, the second one (26×26, “Ricochet: Damage Control”) on March 10 at 9:20pm and the third (26×27, “Ricochet: What Goes Around Comes Around”) will air on March 17 at 9:35pm.

January 2012:

Rachel Shelley as Yvonne Rippon in 'Casualty' 26x18DCI Rippon (Rachel Shelley) and clinical lead Jordan (Michael French) in Casualty 26×18.

Rachel Shelley recently appeared in episode 26×18 of BBC One’s medical drama Casualty and has now told DIVA Magazine that she will be “a ‘semi-regular’ [from this point on] which means she’ll be coming and going for 6 months.”

According to an article on the DIVA Magazine website, which includes a short clip of Rachel as DCI Rippon, “she remains tight-lipped about the character and her role in future episodes”, but if you want to find out when Rachel Shelley will be on Casualty, here are a few options: The TV programme information on the BBC Media Centre website reveals episode plots and (guest) stars of upcoming Casualty episodes a few weeks in advance (just select the week you are looking for in the drop-down menu next to “Search by:” and look for “Casualty”…) and/or there’s my Rachel Shelley related Twitter account where I’ll be sure to promote the heck out of any Casualty episode that will feature Rachel Shelley and/or just check back here regularly.